Sunday, September 21, 2014

On the road again

It's been some time since I had anything to share as well as time to share it, but we're about to embark on a journey with ample opportunity for adventure, not least the trialling of different blogging software. I may end up migrating to Wordpress, because Google seems so very keen on preventing me from using anything but their proprietary software, er, protecting my account from unauthorised access. (Since I am an ancient curmudgeon distrustful of The Cloud, Google doesn't actually hold anything I regard as important. You kids Get Off My Lawn!)

At any rate, you join me in YYJ, Victoria International Airport, en route to SFO. We had a lovely walk along  the beach this morning,

and while meandering along the shore I decided to try to create a woven piece documenting this adventure. (Hence the collection of driftwood, seaweed and stones.) I hope US Customs doesn't object to it entering California (I'm sure oranges and seaweed have no diseases in common. The SFO flight is delayed, so no more adventure this afternoon: I shall spin!

Bak son :-)

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