Friday, May 19, 2006

Thank you, Stephanie

Of course I read Harlot... don't you?
Years ago, before ever I left home or got married, I realised that the loo/bathroom was an easily accessible fine and private place for those of us who shut the Door (I was bemused to discover recently that there are houses in which the Door is never shut). In stressful times I would retreat there with a book. From this has developed a tradition of 'bathroom books', magazines and books left in the loo to be read in those glorious moments of private contemplation snatched from the ravening jaws of routine. Yes, I'm bitter. Anyway, I decided that the copy of Knitting Rules! I acquired last week would be a perfect bathroom book. It is. The wonder of it is that he's been reading it too. Yesterday evening, while I was musing aloud on the possibility of assembling enough yarn from my stash to make another felted moebius bag, he said "You won't. I've been reading that book, and your stash just isn't big enough."

Thank you, Stephanie!


Unknown said...

I love it!!! I've got her meditations book in the bathroom! Now I just need to get my husband to read it!

sarah said...

Just leave it there and wait. MacUser isn't what it used to be... sooner or later he'll take the bait :-)